Thursday, February 25, 2010


Not feeling quiet myself lately. Been feeling really low energy, I mean even lower than normal. My shoulders and neck are stiff and I just feel, well crappy. I decided to take the day off of doing anything strenuous. Yep, I didn't run either. Strange I know.

I puttered but even that was some what noncommittal. I was supposed to have a coffee date with a friend this morning but the attack of the sick kid hit again. Its the season, what can you do?

Actually, it was a bit of a God Send. I had started in on a batch of Greek Yogurt when I realized that I'd forgotten the visit. I was still in pj's and hadn't had a cup of coffee yet. Then I got her message canceling and realized it was for the best, especially since I wasn't feeling 100% either.

I did manage to get the yogurt set up to do its thing. Then I baked a batch of these fabulous granola bars. They are actually bigger than an average granola bar and twice the calories so I'm calling them breakfast bars (or meals-on-the-run bars). I had one for a late breakfast, as soon as, it was cool enough to cut. It took forever to eat it and my jaw was sore from the effort but holy cow! Talk about awesome! These are my new favourite thing. Yes, it does seem like I come up with a new favourite thing at least weekly *giggle* Please note: in the corner of this picture there is a very hopeful doggie!
I've had pretty much no appetite today. I warmed up a bowl of spicy pumpkin soup and threw a handful of Kashi crackers and a bit of cheese and apple into a bowl. After a few sips of soup I just knew that it wasn't going to do the trick. I ate the crackers, cheese and apple but the soup got pitched. Hmmm? Not like me at all.Then nap time came. Another sleep of the dead. I got up with enough time to shower and clean myself up and take the kids to karate. I had told husband that I wasn't feeling well and that if he was worried about being late due to work and snow, I'd just take them myself. It was actually a very entertaining hour.

I got to chatting with one of the other moms while we watched our kids do their thing. She originated in Grenada but had lived through out Europe and finally settled here. We discussed the reasons why our kids were taking Karate and about how it was like to be a mom in North America vs The Caribbean. She said that she give North American women a lot of credit for shouldering so much work. Apparently, back home she would have a nanny and a housekeeper. That it was really common place for women there to not have to do nearly the amount of work that a NA woman does. That was news to me. See you learn something every day.

Today's dinner was designated Super Veggie Nacho Night. It pretty much was what it sounds like. Finally, some appetite showed up. This was a big hit with everyone. In fact, both boys asked for seconds. That never happens! Even husband went back for seconds. Must put this into a more regular rotation. It only took 10 mins to make.Kids are in bed now and the house is quiet. Hubby is working on the couch next to me and I'm nearly drowsy. Yep, definitely not feeling well. Usually I'm relaxed but definitely not sleepy at this hour. Oh well. Time to call it a day.

I am hoping that tomorrow winds up being a snow day. I'd love nothing more to come downstairs to find that hubby hasn't gone to work. I know he'd be working from home but still, it would be nice knowing he's home.

If a snow day was declared tomorrow and you were, in fact, snowed in. What would you do all day?


  1. ok, in my bubble - I am snowed in with no internet access or emails - lol.

    I would grab a duvet, a big one, and order 5 movies. I would then paint my nails and whiten my teeth - lol....serious girl time.


  2. Hmmm I have two scenarios. One with kids: I wrap us up and take us out to play then reward that effort with a huge nap!

    The second one without kids: Austen Marathon. A huge pot of tea, maybe some knitting. Then a big nap.

    Both are clearly exhausting choices *giggle*