Saturday, February 6, 2010

Too many choices

You know I find that I run into this problem a lot. I have too many choices. When it comes to food stuffs, recipes, colours of nail polish (yes I ran into that one just 20 mins ago) and things to do when the hubby and kids are out.

The day started late. The kids allowed hubby and I to sleep until 7:30-8 am. We were able to enjoy a leisurely morning of chit chat and coffee. I was bad and didn't eat anything until 9:15 and then it was only a granola bar. I just wasn't hungry. I was able to enjoy a long shower instead of the lightening fast grooming time that I get during the week. That in and of itself was pleasant. Not that I looked any better for it but I felt better.

The superstore quickly erased that nice feeling. I did manage to drink my coffee and do the shopping while hubby and the boys took a separate cart and got some of the more obscure items. They are really pretty good for him in the grocery store which I find amazing. Husband has such a way with them. They have such a good time that usually I can find them in that crazy busy store just by listening for their happy squeals. I don't mind, its so much better than the crying and screaming that is often heard.

I now have the most ridiculously full fridge. When you look at my shopping cart it is usually brimming over with all kinds of food stuffs. The bulky paper products and cleaning stuff is always in the second cart. The reason why my cart always looks so full is because the bottom layer is packed with all kinds of great fruit and vegetables. I'm pleased that the superstore is stocking a better array of organics. I just have to try and decide what will be my first dishes.

I had some leftover Thai Noodles and sat and relaxed after I put everything away. I've been savouring the fact that I'd have the night all to myself tonight. Husband is taking the kids to a sleep over fundraiser at their Dojo. This means peace and quiet until about 8 am tomorrow. I'm so excited. I just don't know what I'll do first. What should I make for dinner? Should I make a snack? Should I give myself a pedicure (thus the need to choose a nail polish).

Some of the decisions having been made. For dinner I made refried black bean burritos on fresh spelt flour tortillas. Still savouring the declaration to never purchase wheat tortillas again. These did not disappoint. I made a tomato/cucumber salad to go a long side the burritos. If I'm hungry later I'll have an apple with almond butter but some how I think just a cup of tea will be enough. The burritos were very filling.

I've got the fire place going. A hot pot of tea on the table side next to me. I'm currently watching a Jane Austen movie and getting ready to do my pedicure. I've picked OPI's "Nice Colour, eh?" as my selection for this week.

So now that I've made my choices for the day. I'm going to go and enjoy my evening immensely. I've got a pretty early morning. Another chilly 10k @ 8:30 am.

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