Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Busy Days

Sorry I didn't post yesterday but I've been burning the candle a bit lately. Yesterday, we were off to a Valentine's Day Party/play group. Then the evening was spent with the kids off at Karate and I was off to BRC.

That was a tough 8K yesterday. I started out great. Lots of energy but at a pace that couldn't be sustained. After the first 4K I was feeling depleted and the rest of the run was a bit sluggish. The weather held off nicely though. As soon as we were back at the studio the flakes started to descend. Tiny ones at first then once I was on the road headed back into Whitby the flakes got much bigger and heavier. I was happy to be homeward bound.

I woke this morning a bit later than usual and was expecting to see a lot of snow but there was pretty much just a good dusting. E. exclaimed that he was mad and wanted spring back. I thought that was amusing. I guess to them without all the snow it does seem a bit like spring.

I got the kids breakfast and settled in with a cup of coffee. Then realized that I had to get dressed and get the kids ready because we were due at a class at 10 am. So I dashed about getting ready, finding clothes and getting us out the door. On my way to the store I realized that I had forgotten to eat breakfast. It is the first time since the beginning of the year and man did I feel the effects.

I was starved come lunch and because of it I was lured by my stomach and convenience to pick up grocery store sushi. Talk about disgusting stuff. It was fresh enough but lacked flavour and I'm not sure the fish was as fresh as it could be. I did wolf it down and then found that I was still hungry. I had a kashi bar and cup of tea and that seemed to be enough.

About 3o mins later I could feel my battery dimming. I was exhausted and desperate for a nap and I had not planned to nap today. I will only be napping on days when I run (to recharge the battery) but today I just had too. Surely, the effects of the morning fast and the crap-tacular lunch.

After a good solid two hours of sleeping as if I were dead I got up and started in on making my mushroom/brown rice burgers. After all the talk of these burgers on Tuesday I have been craving them again. Its so unusual to crave things that are actually good for me! What a pleasant surprise. And voila! There it is. I did purchase the onion rolls. I was too drained to make any of my own today. These lovely burgers have kale and sunflower seeds in them as well as a bit of hot sauce for a little zing. On the roll with double pickle and some mustard and onion and life is good again!
I sent K. out to visit with his dad and then I put the kids to bed and cleaned the kitchen. I've been having a little "me" time this evening and its been nice.

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