Friday, February 5, 2010

Food Posts and Accountability

Ah I love food blogs. I've picked up so many great tips and ideas. I also have had the best results from taking pictures of my food and posting it. I tell you, its been keeping me honest both with quality, as well as quantity . I'm not always able to post every meal but I'd have to say that so far its been about 85%. Not too shabby. It has resulted in a full inch loss around my waist and thighs. Stupid hips wanna stay put though *sniff sob*

Almost all of my meals since January 1st have been home made and all from scratch except for the waffles, some of the wraps and Kashi cereal and bars. I've tried very hard to only buy whole ingredients. When I can't get them fresh they've been frozen. When I can't make it myself (waffles and cereals) I try to buy the best with the fewest ingredients and definitely nothing with ingredients that I cannot pronounce. If we've eaten take-out/delivery then we've tried to eat as cleanly as possible (except that God awful Chinese Food which we will not be repeating).

Tonight hubby is treating me to take-out Jasmine Garden. We wanted to have a date night but when the kids are with us it's not relaxing. So we've decided to pick it up and we'll put the kids to bed early. We can eat a later meal but then spend that time talking without having to talk over the boys.

Here is a montage of my meals yesterday:

I had a very late breakfast because I was tidying up for a coffee date with Christine. She did bring me a lovely Starbucks coffee though.

Vegan Sweet Potato Soup w/Kashi cracked pepper crackers, herbed goat cheese and pepper jelly (which was more sweet than heat...a little disappointing)

A pre-run apple with Almond Butter (unfortunately I wasn't able to eat this early enough and it was a crappy run because I wasn't energized)

No snapshots of dinner because I was too unorganized to take one. The dinner I originally planned wasn't made but instead we had scrambled eggs, hash and turkey bacon. Sometimes you just have to have some fun.

I'll post my food so far today because I'm not likely going to have a chance later.
Breakfast 2 Flaxseed waffles with agave and a tbsp of almond butter (I only at about 3/4's because the kids decided to mooch.

I had a more creative lunch with the salmon I was supposed to make last night for dinner. I paired a 4oz wild sockeye fillet (seasoned with sea salt and dill) with 1/2 cup sweet potato mash and a bunch of steamed broccoli sprinkled the whole plate with lemon. This was excellent. I'll have the other fillet for lunch tomorrow after our grocery shopping trip (yes the fridge/cupboards are looking bare)

Dinner: No picture available yet but per Jasmine Garden's online menu: Thai style stir-fried rice noodles. (Vegan Friendly. Gluten-Free). This dish is a harmonious blend of rice noodles stir-fried with vegetables in a tasty curry sauce and creamed coconut mixture, and either tofu or vegetarian chicken (I'll ask for half and half), all cooked in fresh ginger, garlic & onions -delightfully pleasing to the palate. I'll even share a slice of their chocolate banana cake, how's that for generous!

Edited to include pictures of dinner:

My noodles this was the portion that I couldn't eat. I put 2 cups on my plate. They did make them a little too spicy, so I had to put them back with a glass of milk. But definitely a two thumbs up meal. I got a taste of hubby's strawberry and spinach salad and its a two thumbs up salad too but no way it would fill me up as a meal.

If you think that I'll be licking the Styrofoam to get at the last of the chocolate sauce then I'd say you know me very well *wink*

I'm going to give them a well deserved plug. If you are looking for a vegan friendly gluten free restaurant, this is a great place to put in your favourites rotation. I've got them on speed dial (though I will always make a point to phone in my orders 40 mins before I really want to go and get them). Still worth the wait. I wish that they would deliver!

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