Thursday, March 4, 2010


So as you know husband and I have given up meat for lent and only have it for one meal once a week (Sunday). It has proven a hardy struggle. We've both been feeling very sluggish, cranky and a little ill since the onset of the experiment. I don't crave meat but my body does. I don't even think about it when it comes time to plan our daily meals. Though after another day of absolute butt dragging I decided to break the fast with dinner out tonight.

It had to be out because of course all the meat in the house is in deep freeze. So off we go for dinner and it was pleasant enough in that we got to spend some quality time together without any electronic distractions. The only problem was that the service was horrid. We were not the only customers that seemed put out by how long the meal was dragging on. We walked in the doors at 5:45 and left just shy of 7:20. That's ridiculous. The meal finally came to a screeching halt when L. managed to tip over his full glass of sticky juice and soaked my side of the table (my dessert...hey I didn't really want the other half of that slice of pie *grrrr*) and it poured down and soaked my coat and sweater and E.'s pants.

Not a happy ending to an otherwise ok but long meal. So husband gathered the boys up and got them out to the car and got the heater going for me while I settled the bill and trudged out with a soggy coat and sweater, in my short sleeves. Freezing all the way home in the car. Not fun. I suppose that's my penance for breaking the fast. God's little way of saying that I didn't get off Scott free.

So I'll be adding back in meat. Likely every other night. It might have just been too abrupt a change. It was a good try. I'll continue to try and widdle it down but clearly right now it's not the right time.

So with that I'm back to the menu plan for the month and I'll pop in servings of meat into the meals I've already planned. I didn't run today because I ran yesterday. Although I started out with lots of enthusiasm yesterday I quickly ran out of energy. Again, hitting that sluggish wall. I wasn't looking forward to hitting it again today. So tonight I'm taking it easy and I think I'll putter a little.

It's a darn good thing I gave up swearing too. Nothing like having a back up plan *giggle*

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