Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Long and Short of Sunday

Have you ever noticed that nothing in the world feels quite as good as using a Qtip to scratch an itch in your ear? Confession: I'm totally addicted to Q-tips. That and back scratchers. Something tells me it's too dry in my house but other than leaving out bowls of water there isn't too much that can be done.

Speaking of atmospheric conditions, some how during the night our furnace decided to quit. Yep, woke up at 8 am and it was freezing in the bedroom. Really warm and toasty under the down duvet but it was a scramble to put on a sweater and slippers in order to make it downstairs for coffee.

The fireplace was going and hubby and the kids were bundled up a bit. First thing that hit me was the information that we'd need to get a repair guy out. What a fun way to spend a Sunday. However there is something to be said for good Karma marks. During the fall I had given a girlfriend of mine who was pregnant with her third child a whole wack of baby stuff. It was a lot of stuff, it took two vans to cart it away. I felt guilty at the time because I was so relieved to have it gone-more space for me! No more tripping over stuff that I know I'd never get to use again. Plus the reminder that I'd never be using it again would be exercised from the house like a mischievous ghost.

When that girlfriend found out that our furnace had died she sent her husband over to fix it for us. Then lickety-split within fifteen minutes the furnace roared to life again. We are so grateful. It would have been a costly visit from the repair guy whom we lined up just an hour earlier. The earliest for that appt was 8 am Monday morning, meaning that we'd have to tough out the day and another chilly night before a repair man would even show up.
Now hubby is absolutely adamant that he is going to help Jamie get his deck built this year. He's been talking about little else since. See there really is something to be said about Karma. Sending good intention and good acts out into the world. Even if it seems a benign thing to do. It really does make the world a much warmer place to be.

We are toasty warm! Dear Universe, how may we serve thee?

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