Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Woke up not feeling all that well but not sick enough to skip on everything that I had committed too. Though I was really hoping that Sheree was going to cancel. The sound of the cold wind blowing the rain against the bedroom window made me shutter and it was all I needed to hear in order to be persuaded to rethink my day.

After finding out that Sheree was not better and wouldn't be running today my brain quickly started to recalculate. Gotta hand it to that brain and sense of training guilt because I had not even poured a cup of coffee yet and it was already working up some steam. During the first cup the plan was to go to the gym with the boys and try and run whatever mileage I could manage on the treadmill. (This is never a good plan. Treadmill running hurts my shins and feels like a prison sentence rather than anything remotely fun). Then after the first cup of coffee and the smoothie in the blender (The Brendan Brazier Chocolate Smoothie) my brain started toying with the idea of downing the smoothie and heading out for the 16K regardless. I mapped a run and sipped and then the rain started again. I was then positive it wasn't going to happen. 5K in the rain. No problem. 16 and I would be soaked to the bone and frozen. No dice.

Jo called and asked if I'd like to join her on a 10K but I had not finished breakfast and had not even looked for my gear. My heart half into the idea and only because finally it would give me chance to run with one of my friends who inspired me to start running. Sadly, I just couldn't make the leap today.

Then the sun peaked out from behind the clouds of my bleary mind. Tomorrow is the beginning of Spring Break! Tomorrow I could drop the kids off at Karate Camp and get my run in without any worries. Tomorrow it's supposed to be dry and warm! DAMN! I guess the coffee started to work! That was the plan to beat all plans! Sure I could do that. I could make that work. The guilt gone. I settled in to finish the smoothie and then no sooner than it was done then I started to feel horrible.

Achy joints and chills. I laid on the couch with my son while he played wii and rested. Got up only long enough to make a cup of tea and tidy the kitchen but then migrated back to my spot on the couch. Hubby got the boys ready and took them to the gym to swim and I popped in a movie and enjoyed the quiet.

Lunch was good but I only really nibbled at it. Some times repeats are good. This was great but I didn't really have enough appetite to really enjoy it. It was also the easiest most convenient thing in my fridge.

Venison burger with the mushroom/onions and goat cheese on half a ww pita. It even photographed nicely today.

The movie was another Austen Classic. Yes, I've memorized them and have seen them all and most of the versions at least a hundred times each. It's a staple for my mind.
Once the gang was home and fed a snack I headed up for my Sunday Coma. I actually have no idea what time I closed my eyes but waking up was hard. I was still feeling lousy. Wondered if I'd feel better if I just stayed in bed but then remembered that I had taken out a simmering steak for dinner and it needed to be whipped up into a dinner.

My choice tonight was hunters stew (simmering steak, onions, carrots, parsnips, bell pepper, green pepper, mushrooms, rosemary, beef broth and wine) slowly simmered for an hour or so. Paired with a gorgeous Côtes du Rhône. Pretty huh?

Ok so I've gotten the boy's lunches ready and their gear is waiting on the table. Breakfast bowls and spoons and cereal boxes and whatnot have been set out. Alarm clock is set and my gear is waiting for me. I'm off to read my latest book and plan to pick up a few more at the library tomorrow before I pick up the boys. Nite!

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