Sunday, March 28, 2010

Revelations and Salutations

Well today was a bit of a sad day. After an early start. Up at 7am for a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal down the hatch before my run with Sheree. The weather chilly and a bit windy, out the door I went. We got 5K in the the 12 and then my injury flared up. It got to the point where lifting my leg in order to take the next step was becoming difficult. We needed to walk nearly another 3K back to the coffee shop to get to our cars. During the long walk back we discussed scaling back and altering our running plans.

I figure it is no longer a good idea to push long distances with an undetermined injury. The earliest I can get in to have it looked at, is late April. I am, however, going to try a friend of the club's tomorrow to see if he can get me in any earlier. No matter because I'm sure that it will take some considerable weeks until I can get back to building distance and by that time I will have missed my training window. So my goal half marathon in late May is now toast. Though if I can get past the injury I'll finish my training and run a half later in the season.

Oddly, I'm actually ok with it. I didn't quit. It never occurred to me to quit. This is not by choice, not in the least. I have decided to change my expectations. I'd rather be able to run 5-10K than not at all. That if I keep pushing myself with the injury to feed my ego I could wind up really doing damage. The good thing about this decision is that because it never occurred to me to quit....I've won. I'm much stronger than I would have thought.

There were some serious times during the last 11 weeks that I wanted very much to keep my butt on the couch or in bed. Especially those days/nights when it was -25C with wind and snow and I went out on my own anyway. No one was watching, or would have known that I'd skipped my run but I went. My determination never wavered.

I will run that race but it will be a 10K not the 21.1K. I'm fine with it. I'm relieved too in a sense. Like I said I had come to a point in the training where it was no longer fun. That I was starting to lose a little of the love for the sport. Training is tough no doubt and I would have finished it but I'm happy that now I have to opportunity to heal and get back to just having fun.

This afternoon I headed over to the Yoga & Nutrition Workshop. A great afternoon. Great nibbles (seriously awesome flat bread made by Kyla!) and a gentle Hatha class. Unfortunately, I missed the Nutrition talk because hubby had to take E. over to the doctor because of his cough. I did win some tea lights! The bad part was that I drank a little too much coffee and have been buzzing ever since.

Starved when I got home. I whipped up some bean & brown rice burritos with some fresh guacamole. I cut up one of my lovely organic red grapefruits to round it out. Yummm and it totally hit the spot. Between the run and the yoga I had only eaten an eggroll. Um, not good nutrition at all.

I'm pooped. Going to put the guys to bed and then go stretch out and inspect the insides of my eyelids. Happy Sunday! No worries, truly I'm not all that upset.

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