Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Queen of Procrastination

The plan was that today would be housework day. I don't get too many days that I can set aside to really do the job. Not just piece-meal but from top to bottom. The beginning of the end started with a cup of coffee.

Then another cup of coffee and well...a late breakfast of fried egg on Ezekiel toast with half a broiled organic red grapefruit (one of my new favourite joys).
Really if you haven't broiled a grapefruit, you simply must! Then once I had my breakfast I was going to go and get my laundry and get that ball rolling but then I got stuck in a discussion that lasted at least 40 minutes. When I was done the conversation my guys were ready for lunch.

Once lunch was complete (mine was a small bowl of baked pasta, no picture). I thought now was the time I could get some things done. I quickly tidied up the kitchen and started in on making my yogurt. I quickly threw a double boiler together and got the milk heated and cooled. The starter mixed in and into the incubator (a crockpot insert lined with my heating pad set on high). The top picture in this montage is the double boiler and cooking the milk. Then the yogurt in the white bowl nestled in the heating pad inside the insert ready to incubate. I had place a towel and the crock pot lid over it to help trap in the heat then it sits for at least 6 hours at 108C and a picture of the organic milk I used.

Once it was put together I turned to the rest of my tasks. More kitchen cleaning. Washing the windows again due to wiener snouts. Vacuuming, dusting, laundry, changing the bed linens and scrubbing the floors. For the floors I had a little help. L. had gotten the idea to pick up the tiny scrub brush and help me make the floors wet. He was so cute. He really thought he was helping me. After about five minutes he got bored with helping and trooped off to make a bigger mess in another room.

Once the floors were done I put together my soup. Chicken Vegetable Rice. Once I got it all into the pot and on an even simmer (oh and a watched pot really doesn't boil! gahhh). I took a break. Had an orange and a cup of tea and surfed for a minute or two then got up and packed up some food for hubby to take to his parents. Both are very ill right now and we feared they wouldn't be up to making their own meals.

Dinner was a serving of the soup with some cheese, crackers, hummus and carrots. I shared much of my sides with L., who has had a very bad appetite what with the cold that both boys are sharing right now. I'm afraid they shared it with me too. I can feel it in my lungs right now. I'm munching on Vitamin C and D like there is no tomorrow.

I managed to get at least one load washed and dried. I did fold a couple of other loads that were just sitting in the dryer waiting for me. Grrrrrr! I didn't get the bathrooms or even a thorough job on the kids rooms. There is actually still a rather long list of all the stuff I didn't get to today. I guess I should keep the computer off on days when I've got stuff I really have to do.

I'm just about done the blog for the night which was my last thing to do. Now I think I'll soak in a tub and read my book until I'm sleepy enough to pass out. The nice thing is that although I felt a tweak of my injury last night on the 3K run it really didn't amount to much. No need to medicate, no twinges today. I've made an appointment to have it looked into but I don't see the Doc until late April

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