Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's that kind of day

We all have colds. We all feel miserable. Nothing much got done today. I would have stayed in bed if there were any way to make that happen (that wouldn't require CAS taking the kids for a minor vacation).

The day started around 7:30 when I realized that hubby was still in bed. I bet he decided to call in sick some where between 11 pm-5am. It wasn't a troubled night. I think we both slept well. Even L. who managed to roll out of bed and scare the bejebus out of himself around 11:30 pm.

I decided to make myself some breakfast right away. Some of the newest batch of homemade yogurt layered with granola and blueberries topped with salba and a few more berries and agave. With a nice tall cup of coffee. I had to make the coffee this morning because hubby was so sick he forgot. I don't fault him for that. He was looking rough.

Nothing much got accomplished today. I did manage a little work then got my ingredients to soak for my multigrain bread that I plan to make tomorrow. The kids were entertained with movies and playdough. I will really need to get them out tomorrow or they'll be jumping around my ears.

Lunch was a simple affair. Leftover chicken soup which was better today then yesterday. I had some pita toasts, hummus and carrots.

Naps were essential today. By 2:30 I could barely keep my eyes open. This not being a good sign considering that I haven't really been napping in the last few weeks and don't find it all that necessary to have one unless I'm feeling ill. I guess the cold is catching up with me.

I could only nap for an hour and got up and stood in a hot shower for a very long time. Nearly human again I set to work to figure out what dinner ought to be. No one had much of an appetite. Oddly I was hungry and to stave off the desire to jump into a bag of chips I ran to the freezer to see what it would yield.

Look-y what I found. Veggie chili! Problem was once I finally got it thawed and heated I didn't have all that much of an appetite any more. Strange. I ate about a third of the bowl and a couple of the chips. Downed two of the juice/Perrier drinks.

Several cups of tea later I'm pondering going back to bed. I've started "Late Nights on the Air" and would like to get it finished before Monday. I still have a few more books on my night stand to finish up.

I also need to sit down once my head isn't so foggy and start planning my next week out. My father has decided to come up for a visit. It's been a very long time since I've seen him last. Nearly two years. I wasn't planning on doing a whole lot for Easter but now I guess that's going to change.

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