Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Long....Slow.....Run

The long slow run. Today we were blessed with a gorgeous day. Partly cloudy, slight south-west breeze and about 4C. Wonderful, a definite sneak peek at spring.

Sheree, Misty and I set out on our 14K run that took us through some nice neighbourhoods and scenic country road. Thankfully, omitting all the hills that we could .

Along the way topics varied from husbands to power gel jelly beans. Our craziest discussions of the day was
"If we were dogs, what would we be?" I've decided that I would be a Golden Cocker Spaniel.
Yes, definitely! See, how pretty am I? Ahhhhh so cute.

We discussed old boyfriends, the state of the gas station bathroom where we stopped at the 8K mark. This had to make it into my blog, as it was the cleanest, prettiest gas station bathroom of all time. It was actually a treat to use! Seriously, I believe we all wanted to remark on it but felt at the time we were in the store that it might seem odd. I'm not sure how we came back to the topic but we were all in agreement. Fine facilities, indeed!

We certainly have some very silly conversations but I adore these chats, best. It gets us through the distance and at a rate where we aren't dying and we are thoroughly entertained. No negative talk, only supportive and witty remarks are made. A wave at a passer-bye or fellow runner, a comment about a gorgeous dog and back to our crazy topic. The occasional clandestine potty break with a beep of a horn from a passing car *sorry Sheree*. It's all good. Topped off with scandalous girl chat at Tim's after, which has cleared more neighbouring tables than we'd care to admit. The thought just crossed my mind that not only may our topics offend, our odor might too...Ha!

It is good to note that we are well on track for our time goal in Late May.


  1. hahahahaha...god...memories are created from these runs....seeing sherees head pop up from behind the tarp and then hearing the "honk honk" from innocent bystanders is classic -

    go girls would have fixed this issue, katie - we must get them! We can be the official BRC product testers :)