Friday, March 19, 2010


A pleasant day. Woke early. 6:30. Ok, so that is a lot earlier than I am used to. I just wanted to make sure today that I had plenty of time to make the boys lunches and gather their things and clothes before they got up. I got them fed and out the door and we were actually about five minutes early. While we waited for the Camp to open for the day we sat in the car and watched some chickadees hang out in a bush a few feet away from the Dojo door. You'd be surprised but this gave us so much to talk about. They really kept the boys entertained.

Once they were installed in the Dojo and their attention completely absorbed I returned home. Poured a cup of coffee and whizzed up an Oatmeal Protein Smoothie (yes, the recipe from Misty's page) and pretty much sat down and enjoyed the quiet. It was a good two hours before I realized just how quiet the house was. The dogs were sunning themselves on the deck. The neighbours were out in their drive way sunning themselves on their couch, that incidentally has been placed in their DRIVEWAY!!!! Whenever I look out the window I can hear "dueling banjos" playing in the background. Um so I think you can gather what my opinion of the couch in the drive way might be.

Around 11:30 I headed out to pick up some sushi. It was a nice drive down to my favourite sushi joint. I didn't really enjoy waiting around for my pick-up order given that they told me it would be 20 mins. I left the house at 25 mins past the phone call so that I wouldn't have to wait. I guess my expectations are too high again *snort*

Back at home with sushi in hand I put on a movie "He's just not that into you". I actually own that book. I bought it just after husband and I got married. Most of my friends at the time were still single and I had heard a good deal about the book. I bought it and a light bulb went on. I quickly circulated around my group and I have to say. The pity parties dried up a bit. I sure wish I had gotten my hands on a book like that when I was a teenager. It would have spared me a lot of grief.

The rest of the afternoon was spent quietly vegging until it was time to go and get the kids. The boys were not happy to come home today. They must have been told that it was the last day of Camp because they didn't seem eager to leave until I told them we had to quickly go home and clean up so that we could get daddy so that we could go out for dinner. That perked them up.

The dinner out was disappointing. The kids were great. I enjoyed hubby's company but the meal itself was sad. Though I didn't have much of an appetite because of the sushi but still the food was not good. On the way home L. feel asleep in the car and I carried him upstairs to bed well before 7 pm.

I will be heading up to bed in a few minutes myself. I'd like to finish my book. I'm about 75% through this book and I'd say its a good. A little predictable but then I've got an over active imagination. I'm not often "snuck" up on. The next book on the bedside table is a chicklit book. Swapping Lives by Jane Green. It's like the melon sorbet between courses. Just something to cleanse the palette of the mind. Too many heavy books makes Katie a little blue.

No real plans for the weekend except to take my pruning sheers with me on a family walk through the ravine. I need fresh pussy willow branches to construct this year's Easter Tree. Groceries must be purchased and menus planned. I am also hoping to get some spring cleaning under way by Sunday since there will be no long run. Yes, I am troubled by that but have to let it go. I cannot change what I cannot control.

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