Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Precious, My Precious....

Oh my old friend. Once upon a time I was a fairly well educated girl. Gainfully employed. Quick, witty and thoughtful. What's happened?

I know the answer to that question though it comes up from through the mist ever so slowly. Oh yes, that's it. I had kids. I've been on Mommy Duty since October 2004, though, that could be argued to say that really my Mommy Duty started pretty much the moment I realized I was carrying E. The fog, thick and grey enveloped over my eyes. It hasn't lifted since.

I feel like I've been keeping my little wrinkly friend here in her jar a bit too long. How is it that I've let her atrophy so badly? I kept up on serious literature. Wrote a couple of poems and pros. Created a few works of art and finished the occasional crossword puzzle. Still the dim curtain hangs thick.

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