Friday, March 26, 2010

Kitchen God Smiles

Ok, so if I achieved anything today it was to make the most wonderful bread. Oh heck, I did very little work. All I did manage to do was to take a very, very long shower. Bake bread and put together a slap dash lunch and a much nicer dinner and occasionally entertain a child.

Husband stayed home sick again today. We were all still pretty miserable with the sniffles. My cold has not progressed beyond a itchy-scratchy throat and occasional unproductive cough. I got to work on my bread early because it had been soaking the flour and it was high time I did something with it.

Here are the pictures of my creations today. Beyond that...nothing. Nothing interesting in the slightest. Sorry I'm boring when I'm sick.
Didn't eat breakfast but had an early lunch 10:30-a very large cup of chicken rice soup.My lovelies..... Multigrain Bread fresh from the oven.Ok I did have a nice big slice with some honey on it while it was still warm. I'm sick not crazy.husband took some unflattering pictures of me with the loaves and I sort of gave him hell for not being a better photographer. So this was his answer to my deleting his pics. Those aren't mushrooms...they are my loaves of bread.I also discovered vegan ice-cream. Ok so it's topped with a tsp of almond butter and a sprinkle of dark chocolate chips. That part wasn't Misty approved but then I bet the bread wasn't either.Dinner was hoisin glazed pork roast on a bed of sushi rice and steamed carrots. Several cups of tea later I'm hanging up my freshly washed running gear to dry overnight and I'm calling it a day. Retreating to my bed to read a chapter before bedtime. Setting the alarm clock too because I've got run club pacing in the morning.

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