Saturday, March 27, 2010

An Experiment

I have been considering this switch for a while. Not the organic switch but rather allowing someone else to pick out my produce. This is a big thing. As a retired chef giving up "choosing" control is a hard thing. One that I'm not certain I can really do but the prices at the grocery store have been off-putting and the selection is often dismal.

I had heard of them through a girlfriend of mine who said at the time they had just started up. She was less than thrilled with the service. That was some time ago, I understand. Then another girlfriend of mine checked it out and has been receiving deliveries for nearly a year (if I'm not how time flies). When I asked her if she liked the service she said, indeed, she did.

I figure it couldn't hurt to try it. That's it. That's my post. I'll keep you updated as I am aiming to get my first delivery on Tuesday.

Oh and run club was fun today. I love newbies! They have such great energy. No wonder Sheree gets so much out of coaching them. I'm looking forward to the next 9 weeks with these great new and returning runners.

*edited: Durham Organics was a bad choice. Very unhappy with the service and product.

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