Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rainy Saturday

Whoa, today felt so long. The reason is likely that I didn't actually go to bed. I don't count the three hours at Jan's house as sleep since I don't think I ever slipped into a sound sleep. Yesterday, after a quick snack I drove in to Toronto to see a movie with some friends. I was to stay overnight at Jan's house since the drive home would be long and late.

I finally met one of the ladies that I had been conversing with in the cyber world for a little over six years. Karen. She's a hoot and we had so much fun teaming up on Jan about her wine. It was called "Robert's Rock" My friend Jan is beyond obsessed with Rob. In a good way, not in a crazy stalker chick way. It is one of the things I like best about her. Her wine had a very suggestive name and we were relentless in our bad jokes.

The movie was good though abrupt and even violent without showing gore. I was thrilled, laughed, saddened and upset all within the 115 minute duration. I'm happy that I didn't know anything about the story before I went in. I would see it again but I'm not sure I'd own it. It's too emotional for me to say I'd just pop it in on a Sunday Afternoon.

I got home at 10 am and was just dragging. Felt hungover but that tired hungover. I did have 4-5 coronas last night but they were over a course of many hours. I wasn't drunk but it was a little too much for my system. I haven't been much of a drinker for some time and it's starting to show. Since it was wet and cold out there wasn't much to do. We had to get the kids out though because they were bouncing around our ears. Bundled up and off to McD's playland for milk and cookies (tea for mom and dad).

Husband and I strategized about what to do about replacing E.'s one-of-a-kind fish. Yep, we found him floating at the top of his bowl this morning and needed to replace him before E. discovered. We came up with a plan and once we were home hubby headed back out with the old snoop in a baggie to find his fishy twin. Once one was purchased, though no chance it matched the old one, he was installed in the aquarium without E. even noticing.

I got a nice long nap and got up to make dinner. A simple burger affair. And oh what a torrent affair it was! Have I mentioned that I'm so happy I'm back to eating meat? Well I am and Bambi never tasted better *giggle* Sorry the picture is poor because my flash is too bright. I can't seem to fix the setting.Venison Burger on a whole wheat flat bread bun topped with sherried caramelized onions, mushrooms and yellow peppers with two thin slices of herbed goat cheese. The Kitchen God's are smiling. I also managed in my half hungover state to whip up the most gorgeous batch of chicken stock today. I had to use the carcass of that roasted chicken so I found my overfilled bag of stock-leavens (a zip lock filled with the odds and ends of leftover raw onions, carrot tops, bell pepper tops, kale that was a little past it's prime, parsnip tops, celery and thyme branches. There are a few other things in there but I can't remember what they are). All into a pot for 45 mins and now safely tucked into my freezer. I think I'll be making up some yummy soups this week.

I'm almost done that book. That means I can start in on one of the other novels sitting on my bedside table. I would really like something that is a little light hearted. I've also got a great stash of books on hold at the library that I really need to pick up tomorrow before the holds expire.

Don't forget that we lose an hour tonight. The nice thing is that in a few weeks it will still be bright out when 7 pm rolls around. No more running in the dark. I can't wait!

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