Wednesday, September 29, 2010

For all the ladies of the BRC

It was a topic of conversation before the Brooklin Run Club commenced last night. The discussion of Spanx and Spandex by and large.

The awkward battles to squeeze a certain size body into a tiny sized sausage tube. First one leg, then the next....trying to maintain balance. Then pulling, pulling and pulling until finally it's cutting off the circulation to your head.

Then the awkward roll at the top that cannot be disguised in the bust line. The stupid bulging at the thighs.

Who ever it was that came up with this idea never tried to take a pee in one after a few martinis! Damn you, you people who feel that a size 10 should be a size 2. Clearly you've been wearing a pair of Spanx too long and your brain has atrophied!

I wonder if it wouldn't be more practical to grease up my thighs and wedge myself into a wet suit? At least that way I could go swimming and stay toasty warm instead of having my stomach squeezed nearly out my rectum like a pet store hamster. (ok that last part was Natilee's quote...not mine but pretty much sums it up!)

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  1. hahah...its true, getting your spanx on is my tiring than a marathon....