Friday, September 10, 2010


Gnarly week, for sure! So as I mentioned before I started my son back in school. After nearly a year of homeschooling he donned his backpack and headed off. He seems delighted with it. Mom on the other hand is trying to hold back on her worries.

I mentioned just this morning in an email to some girlfriends that if I can make it to Christmas Break before hearing that there is a problem I might be able to let my shoulders down from about my ears.

It's also been a fun week listening to the younger one complain that he wants to go to school and how it's so unfair that he doesn't get to go. Now that's not true. Not at all, and I'd ship him off right this second to stop the whining except his grade does this silly gradual entry thing. Now I know perfectly well that there are children that really need this but mine are the jump in with both feet kind. It just feels like I'm having my teeth drilled without the happy gas.

The adjustment from going to bed near midnight then sleeping until 8 am to going to bed at 10:30-11 and waking up at 6 am has been brutal. I've walked around all week like zombie mom. If I wander off and die, they'll have to identify my body by the coffee cup I've got clenched in my cold lifeless hand! Then I've been busy at work too. Then there is needing the extra brain cells to come up with interesting lunch ideas, making sure the clothes are picked out and the backpack is set to go for the next day. Dentist appointments, karate and karate competitions to get ready for. The emptying of my wallet for this and that. Homeschooling.....way cheaper *snort* Oh and in the back of my head I'm mewing over the fact that I can't seem to find the perfect container for milk.

I'm hoping that I can get all my phone calls made early. Get something edited and sent on it's way then I'm taking my crazy kidlet to the market for corn (even though I've got an organic produce delivery coming tonight) and then to the library. Maybe I'll treat us to some lunch out today.

zzzzzzz *snerrtt* what, what? Did I nod off?

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