Monday, September 6, 2010

Things Have Changed

I was working on a project last night which lead me to discover that this blog was available by google search. After I had checked my settings to ensure that they had not inadvertently been changed. Nope, they were still the same but there I was and typing in the title of the and bing searched and open for all the world to see.

Now this blog is not so immensely personal or anything but I do list some details that really shouldn't be out there on the web. I do mention my husband and kid's names and what they are up to. I even mentioned what school they could possibly be attending. Not cool. I will not be doing that in the future (good thing none of my well laid plans came to fruition).

So now to read all my inane ramblings you must be invited. So now we are a merry party of the crazy or bored *giggle* I will be blogging with a conscience in the future but still just as nuts.

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