Thursday, September 23, 2010

A whole lot of sweetness in the world

This week isn't going nearly as fast as I would like. Less than three weeks in and we've had our first taste of school house cooties. Yep, E got sick over the weekend. Yesterday L came down with a sore throat and a wicked cold.

This also means that Mom hasn't had a decent night's sleep since Saturday but no matter as I actually was able to steal some major cuddling time with both of them. That only happens now if they are sick or hurt. I know sucks eh?

I'll be happy to start on a fresh week as well because no matter how much I revise my to-do list, nothing but the bare essentials are getting done. A total drag. I did mange to put in some billable hours today so it is not as I've been sitting on my hands. It's just a rather abstract accomplishment.

What I have managed to achieve this week is nearly a whole week without consuming meat. Tonight's dinner was the first in 6 days to contain meat and I have to say...meh? Not exactly something to miss. I've been very good this week. My bid to eat healthy has amped up a notch. The only treats I've allowed myself this week have been budgeted for and have only been the afternoon coffee. I should really start taking pictures and posting them again. I was doing so well with accountability before the injury.

This morning we were very early for dropping E off at school and for 15 mins we sat in the car and just chatted and listened to the radio. Looking around and enjoying the beginning of the day. Then the cars started to fill in and we watched the parents bringing their kids through the parking lot into the school yard.

I watched intently to each parent and the way they hugged or held hands with their kids. A father with his son walking in slouch manner beside him. An arm casually draped over the boy's shoulders. Then a tug to the baseball cap and the boy was off to join up with his friends way down the yard. The father pausing just long enough to watch his son join the scrum.

Mothers walking with outstretched arms herding their little ones onto the sidewalk as if they were ducklings scattered about but headed in the same direction. Every parent I saw walk past had their own way of showing love to their children. I was happy that I got to see all of that while we waited for the first bell. It's nice to witness the good in the world. That wonderful element of our being.

It is too easy to get sucked into the idea that the world is a big bad place. That the majority would just assume step on your head to get to their destination but witnessing that kind of love, makes me seriously doubt any of that could be true. *sigh* My world is a beautiful place.

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