Monday, September 13, 2010

Itching for a fix...

OMG I'm dying for a Diet Coke! Farq! Why oh why did I ever give you up? Oh yeah *wince* I wanted to be healthy.

What the hell do they put in Diet Coke anyway? How is it that I find it more addictive and harder to give up then cigarettes? Really after a few months I didn't crave a cigarette the way I'm jittery for a pop. I even stood in front of a display of pop at the grocery store the other day seriously debating purchasing the taboo drink.

I'm dying for something fizzy. It doesn't even have to be sweet. I'd have a beer but I don't want the beer, I want the fizz and of course I still haven't picked up a new case of Perrier yet. I know what you're thinking...why the hell not? Answer: I prefer it in the glass bottles, as opposed to plastic and the grocery store I was last in only had the plastic. Sorry, tree hugger alert. I try not to buy products in plastic if they are available in glass. Does that make me odd? Yep, probably does.

So today was such a pretty day I decided to celebrate it by making a pie. Well really I was supposed to make it yesterday but the tomatoes sucked up my whole day. Once the pie was made I served up lunch to my youngest and decided to take us outside for a little fun. This is my rustic apple-cinnamon pie. Had to debate with the little one that fingers do not belong in the pie especially when it's really hot. He had some near convincing arguments. *snort* It survived untouched.

I've made the homemade pizza sauce (one jar of yesterday's tomatoes) and now I'll get the dough started so that tomorrow I can assemble my version of a pizza pop/pocket. Something different for the kid's lunches. I know the eldest will eat it, as long as, all it has is cheese and pepperoni but these will be only cheese. The rub is that I've already hidden the broccoli, carrots, garlic, green peppers and onions in the sauce. Simmered the sauce while I made dinner and then pureed it while the kids were getting ready for bed. Seasoned it and then stuck it in the fridge. Yep giving my kids one more thing to complain about to Dr. Phil. I've got to get my torturing in now before they are old enough to walk over to McD's with their allowance.

I'm tired and thinking of spending the rest of the night with my knitting and my cup of tea. Yep, another project. An afghan in tan, burgundy and small dabs of green. The yarn is called pheasant. I fell in love with the colours and thought that they'd be perfect either for the living room or the master bedroom.

Yep another project and at least three new ones on the horizon starting in November then a rush to get them done before Christmas, forsaking my quilting and basically everything else. I need a few interventions.

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  1. It's still bugging me this morning! WTH? I swear they put crack in that stuff.