Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rewards for Everyone!

Today was a departure. My first real day of having the kids in school. Getting out of bed at 6 am after nearly zero sleep, check. Getting everyone ready for school...check. Waiting in the school parking lot, dreading what kind of hell the day will end as....check. Both kids dropped off before their bell times...check.

Now on to the big hurt. Misty kicked my ass. Not that I'm surprised by that. Truly, I'm not. I know that I'm in horrible shape. She's just proving the point!

Part of the day, spent horizontal (ok curled up in the fetal position). Then off to face the inevitable. The school pickup. If I'm headed to hell it's going to be with a Tim's. So I head off early to pick it up and slurp it scalding hot while I wait for L's class to come out. Oh good...spied through the rear view mirror. He's in a good mood.

I get a far better report today. Things went much better. Pheww...a dim light appears in the tunnel. One down, one to go. We dash off to get the other kidlet. Park the car and slam right into a little mini drama! Oh joy. Heart ripped out of chest, as we get to the gate. E is crying. Poor thing. His beloved Yoshi has gone missing from the pocket of his back pack. OH GOD there is no justice. We scour the back pack..nada. We go into the school. Shoe rack..empty. Classroom locked. Lost and found box not forthcoming. After finding E's teacher she lets us look in the classroom while I get a mini update on his progress, besides the fact that he is dying without his Yoshi, he's doing jut fine in school....we are resolved to search again in the morning.

Just as we are exiting the school an Angel from God taps Ethan on the shoulder and asks if he was the boy who lost a toy. Was it Yoshi? Yes! This boy knows where Yoshi is...he retrieves it. I refrain from picking the boy up and bear hugging him. Instead he's thanked profusely for being kind, thoughtful and honest. The day saved....Mom wants the rest of her Tim's. The Wii is produced to reward both boys for a good school day under their belts.

Mom can sit for a minute and breathe.

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