Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Land of the Living Dead....

Oh boy! So hubby told me that today was Walmart's anniversary and I filed it away in the back of my mind under "useless information, I'll never need" and headed out to do my errands so that I'd be free to do my thing later this afternoon.

Of course the parking lot is insanity. I grab my kids and make them swear a blood oath that they will hold my hands tightly in the parking lot. Reminding them that we were at Walmart and that just standing too close to the building sucks IQ points. Terrified they comply with my request and hold on for dear life.

Then once in the automated door we search out a cart. There are no carts. Yep, the collective "head up ass" mind set has captured their employees today and no one is paying much attention. So we wait but the 10 items or less release shoot and beg a cart off of someone not really using theirs. It's really the fastest way of getting one.

Then we quickly check off the shopping list and try to scoot out of there. Of course some of the things I wanted to get were pretty much cleaned out. With Lucas in school this week I wanted to double my supply of those lunch containers with the snap lids..nada. Some nut free crackers would have been nice...nope. After a few minutes of being in the store it dawned on me that nothing was really on sale, retrieving the "It's Walmart's anniversary" tidbit from the recesses of my mind that's why it's so damn busy but what exactly is on sale? Nothing. Nothing that isn't normally marked as such.

We get out of dodge as fast as we can and run to Tim Horton's to inject mom's brain with some java to snap it out of Walmart coma. Wiping drool off my chin and waking up enough to maneuver the car out of the parking spot without hitting someone still dazed from the brain numbing florescent lights.

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