Thursday, September 2, 2010

Asshats Abound!

Warning: Vent Imminent

So a few of you know that I decided to put the boys back in school. It's really for them, more so than me even though I will gain some quiet time having them in school. What I don't like is the bureaucratic bullshit that comes with it.

Get this... My boys will be in separate schools with less than 10 minutes between bells. Now that doesn't sound so bad until you actually see the traffic for the kiss n' rides. It's insane and nearly impossible. That means that one of the boys will have to be dropped off impossibly early each day and picked up late each day. Unacceptable, unless I can work something out with the older boy's teacher and the attendance office that they recognize the hellish situation they've created, and allow him to be late every other day without penalty.

It's a logistical nightmare. Though, as I was typing this I came to wonder...since I'll be forced to use the car to get the kids to their schools whether late or not. I might as well make it a real commute. I've left a message for an out of district Catholic school which also provides F.I. to see if I can apply for out-of-area status there. Yeah, completely ridiculous right? Yeah, I can certainly thank some meat-on-a-stick bureaucrat for closing off my option to have both my kids attend the same school in my own neighbourhood. Siblings should always be encouraged to stay together.

So that's the reason why I'm venting off right now. Can't help it faced with the ridiculous. Apparently, two wrongs don't make a right but three rights make a left. *gahhhhh*

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