Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Icecream Cone of Perpetual Sorrow

Everyone has been talking about this Cold Stone Creamery. Last night Sheree and I were having coffee at Tim's after our run and we couldn't get over how many people in the store were there for the ice cream. Displacing the old cogers that usually take up the bulk of the tables at that hour.

Sheree said that she tried it but the calorie count was insane. We got on to talking about what we love and why we love it. I discovered that I'm an emotional eater a few months ago (most of us are apparently). When not on an emotional binge, thankfully they are few and far in between, I am a chip & diet coke a-holic. These are clearly things I cannot have in the house.

Then I thought about it more. I'm also addicted to cheese. I'm not even going to examine my coffee fetish. I told her the other day that I was jonsing for something fizzy so badly that I had actually considered having a beer after finding the Perrier case empty. Of course I didn't have the beer (it was 1 pm) as it doesn't score Good Mommy points and would actually be a tick in the "perhaps I need a 12 step program" column.

Really at this point I would have to say that my diet coke addiction has been harder to kick then my old cigarette addiction.

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