Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vegetable Hoarding

The morning started off with us packing ourselves into the car and doing a mad dash to the dojo. Of course the reason was that we had to make a frantic stop at the superstore to pick up video cassettes.

Yesterday the boys were being tested for new belts. I brought my knitting figuring that it would drag out. We were under the impression that the Juniors would be demonstrating their katas individually and that would take a good deal of time to finish.

Camera set up. Tim Horton's in hand. The show started. Talk about crazy cute. Watching E. and L. put through their paces. Two little shrimps bopping around and making angry fighting noises. L. got bored half way through and started acting up. For nearly half of the exam he curled up on the floor and pretended he was sleeping, ignoring the instructions and the adults trying to get him to fly right. I have to admit I was upset with him. He was doing it for attention and he was receiving it which had him perpetuating it much longer than if they had actually just left him on the floor without acknowledging him.

He did rally in the last 5 mins of the exam and was asked to demonstrate his punches, kicks and blocks. He did after all complete the exam and earn his new belt. Proud as punch to have received it. He is cute to be sure but the special preference makes me uneasy. I'm not entirely sure, if one of the other kids in his group had behaved in that manner that they would have received their belts. At the end of the day what does that really teach him? Hmmm a divided mommy moment. E. on the other hand is beyond super cute and good at Karate. His scores were high and he gives so much energy into doing his thing and makes it look effortless. He is fabulous.

Now with the mommy moments blogged I need to tell the courageous tale of the farmer's market. I found out that my favourite organic food delivery company seems to have gone out-of-business over the summer. This really is not too surprising. It's a harsh climate out there even if the media paints a different picture. So with the money that I had set aside for my delivery we took off to the farmer's market to try to replicate the order.

There is an organic stall at the North Oshawa Market and I took full advantage of that. You can see that I made good time with my produce budget for the week. Once home with the bounty I wandered out to the garden to see if there was anything ready to add to what I had purchased. Oh for sure! I pulled up at least 8lbs of carrots. Some tiny but some were much larger than I had given them credit. I'm so happy that I decided to wait and see what came of them. I was also able to add to the beans by two cups.

So I spent nearly four hours cleaning, peeling, and chopping and blanching then packaging up and bagging. At the half way point I asked hubby to help me out. It was really nice to share my usually barred off kitchen with him. He was a lot of help. I'm not sure I would have gotten it all done if it hadn't been for his helping me.

I got the beans, broccoli and corn-on-the cob done then got help to put up the rest of the carrots. The carrots are so good. I munched on a few as we worked and of course L. came in and got his hollow leg fill. I'm amazed at that boy. Peel it and he will appear!

Now today I'll be making hubby and L. (E. doesn't seem to be a fan) an apple pie and then I'll dig into the bushel of tomatoes and get as many jars up as I can. I figured that doing at least half of them as whole or diced would have me whizzing through them much quicker than if I attempted to make them all into sauce.

Well I need to wrap this blog up and get to work...first Tylenol. My hands are still aching from yesterday's veggie frenzy.

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