Friday, October 1, 2010

Hmmm What's in Your Freezer?

It's that time again. The day I go grocery shopping. I've done a good deal of food hording through out the summer and a lot recently with the harvest from my garden.

My freezer seems filled to capacity which makes me wonder, hmmmm what's on the bottom? I know there is at least one turkey in there. I couldn't swing a cat last year without someone giving me a damn turkey.

Each time I dig around in there for ideas for dinner I feel like Jacques Cousteau, deep sea diving for sunken treasures. Going through the murky depths. Delighted by an apple pie. Shocked by a forgotten Lean Cuisine cira 2007. A mislaid bag of peas. Sick enough, at one point it was home to our pet canary (wrapped in layers of paper and double bagged with a label...quease) who had passed during the winter and deserved a proper burial, sans flushing down the toilet for background read this. Don't worry folks, at first thaw he got planted in the flower garden and is now guarded by a heavy decorative rock.

It seems with each shopping trip, something goes's a good wonder if it ever comes back out. *lifts eyebrow*

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