Monday, October 18, 2010

Sick Kid Monday

What do you get after a fabulous weekend? Yep, a cold. But not just a cold...a kid cold x 2!

Poor little pleas from a darkened room in the middle of the night for a drink of water. An echo of a cough from the other darkened room. That dramatic slap of the snooze button at 6 am.

A full day's schedule being rewritten in haste over the first cup of what will be an endless stream of coffee.

Cranky utterings from children not wanting their mother to intervene and change the channel from a movie they've watched 3 times since 6:30 am. Partly eaten snacks, strewn Kleenex balls and blankets cluttering the living room.

Oh the joys of school house cooties. This will be cold #3 for E and cold #2 for L. I'm feeling a little under the weather myself but I'm sure it's just the ill effects of interrupted sleeps in a strange bed and some of the worst food I've ever consumed, over exertion in the water park and the long drive home. Still, at least for me, if this is the hang over from a weekend filled with adventure, a lighter wallet and thousands of captured memories it was well worth the descent!

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