Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh Enough Already!

This is the cold that never ends! Seriously, it gives me a day when it hides away making me think it's passing then BLAMO! It's back with a vengeance. I actually rolled out of bed knowing this was going to be a bad day. I don't like to let colds get the best of me. I try very hard to keep my spirits up because I know that there is something to be said about mind over matter. Still, holy! It actually felt like something heavy was sitting across my nose.

I sit here now composing this blog which is mostly just me whinning, with a completely congested nose. Later, I'll be coughing and likely lose my voice outright which will mean that the boys have a field day with that. They like it when I expose my soft underbelly. Makes it easier to go in for the kill.

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