Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Wow, it's come and gone. The frantic race to design and sew two unique costumes. Then decorating the house and reeving the kids up for the day. I took out just about every book left in the library with a Halloween theme and read them in a crazy marathon of bedtime stories.

October is always a rush and each year it becomes an event that is more fun. The kids still howl if they see a haunted house and skirt the scary displays outside of the occasional house but they require less and less prompting each year. This year E was up there pounding on the door and yelling trick or treat as if his life depended on it. L was all in too but had me biting my lip each time I watched him navigate a pair of hazardous looking stairs. He was a real champ and was the last to give up the Halloween Hunt.

Once the booty was poured out on the floor he got the idea that he wanted to roll around in the pile the way adults dream of rolling around in a big pile of lottery winnings. It was all too hilarious. Though apparently, I'm the type of parent who utters "eat the whole sucker, no wasting!" *eye roll*

I have to admit I think I enjoy Halloween more as Mommy watching her boys have the fun she had as a kid. Not only can I relive that bygone fun but I can help spread the spooky sticky-handed joy.

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