Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Little Things in Life

You know when I'm not blogging I feel a little lost. It's the oddest thing but my creativity flows best when I'm putting things out there into the great void. Now I know some of you read this blog but when I started I figured that mostly it would go ignored (which is fine) and it would just turn into a diary of sorts. Like a message in a bottle. A peg to hang a hat on.

As I write, it's snowing out. The first real snow fall of the season and I should be out running with the club but have elected to stay home and hang out with L while husband and E are at a karate competition. It makes for a little bit of a boring morning. That snow is calling me...come run, come run. I feel like I do when I really want a diet coke.

That feeling of being a little wistful had me on the search for Vibrams again. I tried back on Tuesday to find a store location in the GTA but sadly each place that I contacted said that they were on back order and that the orders were incredibly slow to come in. I didn't want to order straight from the site because of the fit. Vibrams are notoriously difficult to fit blindly. You must measure both feet in a particular manner and then pick the longest foots measurement convert it and voila, either a good fit or a really bad fit.

Then the pair that I wanted most couldn't be ordered through the site but rather in the store. I guess I gave up the hunt at that point. But then Misty said she got her hands on some through a client (measurement goof) and she loved them. So it spurred me on. I went back to the website at 7:00 am barely awake. Coffee cup in one hand credit card in the other. And now I'm going to go and sit by the front door window waiting for my package! Ok so no I'm not that silly but I am anxious and can't wait to get out there in them. Aren't they pretty? Ok they are henious to look at and I'll look like a hobbit what with my cankles and all but so what? I wasn't winning any Running World cover shoots anyway.

Oh it's so beautiful out there...a thin blanket of perfection while more fluffy flakes flutter downward. I'm nearly tempted to bundle L up and pull out the jogging stroller, weigh down the empty seat, next to him and do a 5K trot. Ohhhh the idea is planted!

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