Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wow, It's been a long time!

Gosh it's been what? Two, three weeks since the last blog? Gee you'd think I didn't have anything to say. Yeah I know, hard to believe.

There has actually been way too much going on for the last three weeks. Lots of stress, less time than is required and a lot of crazy. But then doesn't that sound like everyone's life too. Yep we aren't immune.

The good news is that my training has ramped up again. Feeling stronger than I have in a long time. Seeing some improvements and getting my mojo back. I have to thank my awesome friends Sheree and Misty for kicking my ass repeatedly to get me to snap out of my comfort zone. I wont kid you, I've made just about every excuse I could. Letting my fears of re-injury keep me in a holding pattern. I suppose there just comes a point when you see what you want and know you are just not going to acheive it by standing there watching everyone else.

Now comes the process of getting back to a healthier lifestyle. Moving toward a better diet and better rest. Better quality everything.

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