Friday, October 8, 2010

What is wrong with you people?

Let me say, that I hate cell phones. I only have one because my kids are in some one else's care and I'm not entirely secure with that idea. Yep, I know, I'll grow out of that. But until that day comes I want to be reached if I'm needed.

Now that being said, I also have a phone just like this one in the picture. It's basic. It has a camera on it but the pictures are so spotty that they are unworthy of the effort. I don't have texting or web functions because I've deemed them wholly unnecessary. Essentially, it's the next step to starting a fire and beating it with a wet blanket. It gets the job done.

I spent a gorgeous morning in the pumpkin patch with my smallest darling. He was all smiles and behaved like the angel I'm used to seeing (though I wondered if starting JK had permanently altered that but that is another story....) We tromped through mud, poked at pumpkins, chased some chickens, and got to see all the farm animals. Picture a lovely sunny morning, gorgeous blue sky, golden sunlight lighting up the falling leaves. The perfect fall day.

So here we are, huddled around the farmer in the middle of the corn maze discussing corn and what products you can find corn (ok so everything). Then this woman pulls out her crackberry and starts texting what I could only imagine was a girlfriend. They carried on this text conversation the entire length of the time we were in the corn maze, every few seconds a bleep notification that she had a new text. I estimated we stood there for 25 mins. During that time the two children she was supposed to be watching were fussing and pushing at the other children being minded by the parents that were gawking at the twit with the blackberry.

OMG! Put the damn thing down and enjoy your child for Ch**&^ Sakes! You suck! Of course, I just smiled at her like the idiot I can be when there is something else itching to be said. My only hope at that moment is that I hope that damn thing falls in the toilet, then maybe your daughter can have a happier memory with you.

Ok rant over...phew.... Hey Kyla, goes right back to that discussion we had yesterday! Man alive!

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