Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sucking The Fun Out of Life!

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately. So as you know I've been experiencing some abdominal pain. Had a bunch of tests and am now waiting for some news from my doctor.

Though the meds are helping the burn I still feel pain and have had to watch what I'm eating and drinking in a fashion that it makes food blogging a real stink.

I no longer desire to take pictures of my dishes. I feel like I'm living on pablum. I can only stomach half a cup of coffee in the morning and I'm down to maybe one or two cups of tea a day.

So besides just trying to work on the leg injury by going to the gym on a steady basis and trying to keep my spirits up there hasn't been a whole lot shaking here. It just seems as if I've gone one mile past my warranty and now everything is breaking down. Damn, I'm not even making it to my 40th birthday before the repairs are necessary *snort*


  1. hey katie k, sorry to hear about ab pain. Let me know what the doc says and i'll have a look in my books for nutritional recommendations.

    You''ll be back on track again in no time - promise!

  2. Still waiting on the blood and ultrasound results. I'd totally appreciate the nutritional info.