Monday, April 19, 2010


Nice morning. Did something different for a change. Decided to eat breakfast before I even allowed myself a sip of coffee. Seems that I've been having a bit of a problem what with all the coffee drinking lately. That burning nauseous sensation is gastritis. If I'm not careful I'll wind up like my father (not that I'll have a deep hate for all things Mexican) but rather I'll wind up with ulcers and chronic heartburn/reflux. Ha ok, I'm not too bitter *gahhh*

So with that I decided that perhaps a little healthy yogurt might help reset the balance. I'll pick something else up during the week from Feel Good Naturals but for today it helped. I ate it all and it wasn't even difficult. Normally, I'm not a breakfast person but this was pretty good. Will stick with this for a bit.
Half cup plain organic yogurt with a mixture of granola and Kashi and hemp hearts. Blackberries and strawberries and a teaspoon of honey. Slurped my coffee with some trepidation. Then after I had procrastinated for about 40 minutes I got up and started getting us ready for the gym.

It was time that I try my hand at the stationary bike. I chose the recumbent one just to make sure that I wouldn't be putting pressure on a spot that would be tender. My injury had been bugging me through the weekend, though I'm not sure what caused that. But then I have no idea what caused it in the first place.

The gym wasn't terribly busy when I got there. I guess many of the newbies have given up. It's nice I like this time of year for the gym. No waiting for a machine. I get my favourite locker and the pool is empty.

I did 30 minutes on the bike doing random hills at a level 8. I chose that one because it was the right amount of resistance so that I wasn't peddling like a mad woman and I wasn't struggling to push the pedals down, ok until the tallest hill came up on the program. I told myself that it was OK because if I felt any twinge I'd dial down the resistance. Never felt the twinge. My one cheek though got an excellent workout. You can tell that my right side is weaker than my left. I spent the better part of that workout with my eyes closed doing some visualizations to keep me from going nuts with boredom. Seems that running has ruined me for cardio machines.

Once my fifteen minutes of pool running was up I changed and rounded up the guys who appeared to be having a pretty good time in the daycare. But it was lunch time so they were as eager to get home and get some lunch as I was. I forgot that today was meatless Monday. Oh well. Next week I hope to remember.

Ham on my multigrain with half fat mayo, tomatoes and broccoli sprouts. A pear which got shared with L. and a banana. I say I shared it but really I got one big bite then he absconded it. Little creep *giggle*

I spent part of the afternoon brainstorming what to make for Sick Kid's bake sale. Thought that perhaps I'd make some oatmeal raisin cookies and start the beginnings of a new recipe for multigrain bread, that wouldn't be taken to work to be sold. I've been sprouting quinoa but there is no way I'm going to be able to sell that to hubby as a food stuff so I thought that I'd make some bread with it. I am now told that he was mistaken about the date for the sale and that he would have needed to take the cookies to work with him tomorrow so I guess he will be showing up empty handed because he had originally told me he needed them for Wednesday Morning. Oh well. Maybe I'll make them for us anyway.

Dinner was a new recipe. I'm not entirely sold on it. I've been trying to move us toward eating less and less meat so I'm not surprised that this migration wouldn't require us to "get used to it".
I didn't follow her recipe very faithfully but this is where I got the idea and ok I swiped the picture. source

The review: it tasted every bit like the usual meat sauce that I make except with a lot less turkey sausage and a grittiness from the lentils. Am I a fan. No but I can see this sauce having its uses. I froze the leftovers and will make some lasagna with it once I add in more marinara sauce. It was very thick. L. loved it. He ate almost everything on his plate and I had over filled his plate a little. What can I say, he's a good eater. No worries about that one.

Oh and...I am officially in search of a new bathing suit. I was looking at some pictures of me and the kids and found one of me in the swim suit I'm currently using for the gym. So ok, its my only bathing suit. Wow, no wonder that stupid thing is falling off of me. When I do my pool running the tankini portion of it floats up and it winds up being a bikini. Um not cool. The top is too loose and I'm always making sure that it's still in place before I get out of the pool. So this weekend I'll be scouting for a new one. OH JOY. This process still will not be fun but it's a little less painful than it was when I had to try that one on two years ago.

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