Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Hand Up

I have a friend that never fails to up lift me. For the last day or two I've been feeling like a dirt devil. Spinning in this big frenzy and throwing my energy in every direction and getting nothing accomplished. My nerves frayed and the chattering in my head at a deafening pitch. I decided I needed a Yoga class. If anything than to just get out of the house. Since my injury my social life has dried up and died. I've really missed my girlfriends.

I got to the studio early. Chatted with Frank about his running injuries. About our mutual sports doc. What sports we are playing with while on the road to recovery. How silly I look running the length of the pool for hours on end. Then like a breeze Sheree floats into the studio fresh from a trail run with the Brooklin Run Club looking every bit relaxed and energized. She always has this great Aura.

In the class we did some great twists and folds. Totally relaxed. I love that Sheree chats during her practice. I was heard to make snorting sounds a few times as I tried to cover up laughter or squelch a quip that was fighting to get out. There were other ladies in the room and since my sense of humor always gets me in trouble, it's best to just remain quiet (yes that is a struggle for me). I was so relaxed by the end of the hour that I was pretty sure I had actually drifted off.

I was so happy when Sheree suggested a coffee after the class. We sat and laughed and confessed for a few hours. There is something very therapeutic in these coffee dates what used to be our long runs. I always come away with a renewed excitement for the future.

I'm blessed with fabulous friends. I am a very grateful girl.

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