Friday, April 2, 2010

Booo... No Easter Treat!

I thought I'd drop in and blog before we get busy here getting on with our weekend. Ken is busy playing a new video game with the boys so I've got time to get this published.

Yesterday I had planned this really productive day. I was going to clean and make some Easter breads. I was then going to take the boys to the park after lunch so that they could enjoy the sun. It really was beautiful outside. Then we were going to pick Ken up from the station and get our holiday weekend shopping out of the way.

What got done: Sweet little in the way of housework. No Easter breads and just as well because I really don't need to be stuffing my face with high calorie treats. I did pack the boys up, got a large coffee from Tim's and we hit the park. It was so nice outside. We were there for about two hours. Sand toys shared nicely. A lot of running around and only one boo-boo when a rambunctious child pushed Lucas off a step on the jungle gym. No harm done.

Then it was time to go and get cleaned up and pick Dad up at the Go Station to get the rest of the chores done. After a bowl of ice-cream Ethan started clutching his ear. He declared that the volume was broken in his ear. I just though he was being funny and didn't quiz him on it further. Then about half an hour later his ear was stuck to his shoulder and he was in obvious pain. Now that shouldn't have happened given that he was already on antibiotics for his chest cold. So once we picked Dad up from the Station we were off to the doctors. More meds and a hasty dinner Ken was off to the hospital because a family member was taken in suddenly.

The groceries didn't get done and neither did anything else. I sat for an hour or so with Ethan who was beyond himself in pain. The Tylenol that I gave him before bed didn't work to keep the pain at bay and it took a while for the Advil to do his thing. I broke my heart to see him so inconsolable. Around 11 pm he finally fell asleep and was taken to bed. Thankfully, he woke up today and the antibiotics are working on the ear. He is however, very sniffly and coughing again. Silly spring colds.

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  1. hope he is feeling better - earaches suck large!