Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Good. The Disappointing and The Plan

OK, so this is the good news. The Good Doctor has told me today that next week I can start running again. Not anywhere to the extent that I used too but I can start back! I'm thrilled. I don't care if its only to the top of the street and back, I'll still be RUNNING!!

I got a compliment (I think it was a compliment). Dr. Poray said that he liked treating me because each time I come in I say or do something that makes him laugh. It could be because I was face down on the table and he was massaging my calves with the stuff that is the best shit in the world. Aspirin/Ben-Gay. I thought I was going to die. I was punching the head rest, gripping the side of the table with white knuckles and oscillating between fits of laughter and quiet screaming. Yeah I figure that makes me a fun patient *grin*

The disappointing thing that happened today is that I got my organics bin and I don't know what planet this person lives on. But that bin is not filled with $60 worth of produce. So I've written to the owner of the company and told her that she can come pick up her bin and reimburse me my deposit. The value simply is not there.

So on to the plan. I will now be driving in to Toronto every second Friday to pick hubby up and driving up two blocks to the only Whole Foods in the area. I'll get the staples of my produce there and hey if I can get dinner out of the deal than all the better!

I'm actually excited about this. I've been looking for certain products and produce items that simply cannot be found in the Durham Region. Kombu! I want Kombu! I've searched everywhere! I also wonder that the prices would ultimately be lower buying it there then around here. We're going to start this Friday. Sad though, I was really hoping that DO could turn it around.

Ok so here is the dish on what was consumed today: Breakfast was late. A bowl of puffins, banana and hemp hearts in 1% milk, with my usual vat of coffee. Lunch was a leftover venison burger on an Ezekiel Bun with low fat swiss cheese, dijon mustard and a handful of kettle brand yogurt-green onion chips. Lots of Sencha tea. I'm trying to get 5 cups in a day to get all the benefits. I spent a lot more effort on dinner.Steamed carrots, celery, yellow bell pepper and onion in ginger chicken broth with soba noodles and egg. Even the kids loved this dish. Odd, I thought that doing these noodles in a stir fry was their preferred way to eat them but I stand corrected. Good because I don't like them that way.

Ok I'm off to do some work, work that I've been putting off for a few days. I also want to get some Moon Salutations in. My calves need the stretching.

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