Monday, April 5, 2010

In the spirit...

of not wallowing.... Ok so I'm wallowing a little. It's beautiful outside. My kids are happy. My life productive. All-in-all I'd say things are good. That said there is still a bit of a storm cloud hanging over my head. Not turbulent like a funnel cloud. Just a drippy wet miserable grey cloud.

I had a somewhat disappointing visit over the Easter Holiday. It was nice to have my family here. It was a weekend filled with wonderful weather but it seemed the whole weekend was a focused effort to clean and prepare then it comes and goes in the matter of a few hours (and not all in a positive light) and I'm now left feeling a bit empty for the whole experience.

I know that I'm not in the best of moods but that experience did very little to make it better. I need a major positive distraction. After the park, this afternoon. I'm coming home and going to sit and do some serious brainstorming for projects and goals. I need to come up with some Plan B's and fast. It's no fun to sit and wallow. I don't like being negative, no one benefits from it.


  1. noo, don't wallow...think about all the cool stuff you can do...come biking with me and sheree!

  2. Oh I would but I don't own a bike :(

    Which one of you will install the pretty straw basket with gingham pillow?