Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Recap

This is the food blog for the weekend. This lovely pic just says it all. I love this time of year. The farmer's markets are due to open come the end of this month. *bliss* I've started up with Durham Organics and although my first foray with their service left me a little speechless, I'm actually looking forward to giving it another try. This week I've been very busy trying to use up all the goodies that came in the bin. I love the mystery of it because I have very little control over what shows up on my doorstep.

This week I've been making some very inventive dishes and have a few more planned entrees up my sleeve for the week. Here are just a few of the dishes I made this week.Saturday's breakfast. Two perfectly soft poached eggs on a slice of my multigrain toast. A lovely organic red grapefruit. Chased it back with a gorgeous cup of coffee.I slaved in the kitchen for about 30 minutes with this lovely bowl of vegan organic sweet potato/Yukon potato soup. I sprinkled hot sauce and cilantro. Afternoon snack. Baby carrots, homemade spicy hummus and a beautiful organic red plum which my son bogarted. I didn't even get a bite.
Leftover homemade pizza with the other half of a organic red pear that I had set aside for myself. Man L. has a hollow leg. Not that I mind at all. I'm happy at least one of my kids likes to eat and eats well.
This was my breakfast this morning. With another lovely cup of coffee. My day started on the right foot but deteriorated once I got to the movie theater and helped E. eat a large bag of popcorn (sans that grease they pass off as butter). A few peanut M&Ms and part of a diet coke. Then I ate a small bag of McD's french fries that the boys didn't want. Then I ate nothing until dinner time.Dinner was a Venison burger on an Ezekiel bun. Sooo good. After eating very little meat this weekend it was nice to sink my fangs into bambi. Zucchini fries. I had to make use of the last two organic zucchinis in the fridge. Now I'm not a fan of zucchini but this was a pretty good way to use them up. I warmed up a little marinara sauce and some ranch dressing. Even hubby ate a good portion of them. AMAZING I KNOW!

Did I mention that I took E. to his very first movie today. We had been holding off on taking him because I never thought he'd sit still for a film much before this. Also he is pretty sensitive about certain things and I had heard this would be the perfect movie for the experiment. I did choose not to take him to the 3D version (fire flying out at a 5 year-old new to the experience might have been too much).

I was so proud of him. I'm so excited that I can take him to movies now. He really is blooming and it makes me giddy. We plan to take L. to the next Shrek movie. I hope that he sits as nicely as E. did. I do have to admit that I love movie popcorn!

All-in-all a most fabulous weekend. It was actually pretty damn perfect (ok would have rocked if I could be out running but that will come in time). I'd take this weekend any time!

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