Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Wow what a beautiful day. Got up painfully early. 6:21 a.m. my eyes popped open at the sounds of my dogs unleashing their fury on what was likely a cat sitting on the back fence. I doubt any one got to sleep in because of them.

Husband had gotten up because they were fussing and that was it. All of us were up minutes later. Then the hunt ensued. It didn't take them all that long. Five minutes tops. Then the contents of the eggs were dumped out for inspection. Chocolate eaten and then on to the toys.

I managed to get a couple of cups of coffee and a small breakfast in. Showered and cleaned up then on to making the bread that I had started the night before. With of course, the idea that my family would be arriving sometime later in the afternoon. No sooner than I was about to turn out the dough to be kneaded the door bell rang. My bread got largely abused through out the early to late afternoon. But was delicious upon slicing up for dinner. I'm happy that I took the effort though I must have come off as too much a Martha. Of course the fact that I was wearing a dress and pearls might have given them that impression too LOL. I don't care. Easter is a pearl necklace wearing occasion. (now I realize that if Laura or Christine are reading this blog, they've likely had a good laugh at my expense and if that's the case I say nuts to you Laura and Christine! ha!)

Dinner went off with a few hitches. The propane tanks which we assumed were full, were not. So our steak dinner was put off for a few minutes while hubby went in search of a filling station. But once the tank was hooked up and the BBQ hot everything else was smooth like a duck on the water.

The kids adored their Grandfather and Aunts attention and were spoiled with more chocolate and toys. Some interesting insights into my family history and odd-ball stories. Many laughs later. It was definitely a great visit and makes me really regret that there are so many miles between us.

I'm am officially pooped now that the kitchen is clean and the over-flow of chocolate bunnies has been stashed away in the basement freezer. I'm hoping to get more than a Eggie or potato chip into the boys tomorrow. If its gorgeous we are going to the park!

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