Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday not much different than Monday

Yep this kinda says it all. Another blah day and now not only is it cold but it's actually snowing. Blarg!

Another day of physio on the injury. It is starting to hurt less and less but then my muscles in my legs were still screaming at me for the pool workout. I'm not sure I could have processed more pain on top of that.

I didn't get the chance to have breakfast (yeah take one step ahead and then take another back :P) I did enjoy a large mid morning snack. Homemade spicy hummus with carrots. A beautiful red pear and a lovely orange. Of course Mr. L. helped me with some of those goodies. I also treated myself to a Tim's on the way home because I knew the coffee pot would be cold by the time we got home.Lunch was a bowl of the leftover pasta sans shrimp from last night. Even this got shared but that. A couple of cups of Sencha followed. It felt like the better part of the day was spent following after the boys, picking up after them. Man too many days without being able to escape outside gets these kids going like little tornadoes.I had a fun time making pizza for dinner. Again another day where I forgot to take something out of the freezer to grill. So staring into the fridge/pantry and cupboards. I had cheese, tomato sauce, turkey bacon and sundry vegetables. Working frantically through the recipe cards. Pizza!Oh I miss running. I've been reading about the club's trail running and got to see the pictures from the Philly's Fool Race (that I wouldn't have attended despite the injury because it fell on Easter Sunday...Religious Holidays are off limits for me) but seeing all this has made me so envious and frustrated. The good thing is that at least I'm channeling that into getting better rather duck-diving into the kid's chocolate stash.

Making a plan A.2 It's going to include more yoga, some modified workouts sans impact. I can do some light cycling...well with hardly any resistance but at least it would still get my heart rate up and I don't want to lose my cardio. More pool running and a lot more swimming laps. So that means going to the gym at least 4 times a week and doing some work here at home.

Eating as healthy as possible. Lots of Omegas and antioxidants. Then working on my spirit. To keep from feeling frustrated I'm going to journal more. Do more esteem exercises. Work on my accomplishments list (thanks Misty that was an awesome blog). Work on setting new goals, beyond running.

Always looking for the silver lining.

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