Sunday, April 18, 2010

So Tired. zzzzzz

Oh man, I have been so tired all day. Admittedly, I was up reading until around 12:30 last night. I've been trying to finish "Late Nights On The Air". It has been taking me weeks to read this book. Not because it isn't a good book. It is. It's just that I've been going to bed too late to really dig in and read enough to get through it.

It also didn't help that L. was up too early. It used to be that he'd play in his room (not always quietly) until I came to get him. Now he opens his door and shouts at us until we are up or he comes into our room and either jumps on the bed or stands at the head of the bed and shouts until I wake up. The worst part was that I had promised to make pancakes today but just couldn't get my eyes opened. I finally came downstairs at 8:30 but still dragging my butt.

It's really as if someone had taken a cork out of my heel and all the energy just leaked out. I didn't even have the motivation to make breakfast until I had finished my cup of coffee and my stomach started burning. I've been having stomach trouble for the last week. This burning, nauseous feeling. So no more coffee first in the morning. From now on I eat first then have some coffee. This was my meal today. I didn't really finish the fruit salad as the citrus seemed like a great idea before the burn. L. helped me with the oranges. A slice of my multigrain bread toasted with almond butter. Strawberries, red grapefruit and oranges. Once breakfast was finished (and I really didn't even finish the toast) I got dressed and rounded up the kids and took them to the store to finish off the grocery shopping.

They were actually pretty good for me while I was there. Sure they were noisy but they seemed to be entertaining themselves. Pushing them and the nearly full cart really is a workout. Once I got us and the groceries home and put away I made some lunch. I was so hungry and the Zantac that I took before I left the house had started to work so I snooped around for a fast easy lunch. I found one of my mushroom, brown rice, kale burgers and placed it on a whole wheat flat bun with swiss cheese, mustard, pickles and sunflower sprouts. Some strawberries and a delicious Fuji apple.I got nothing done after I had lunch. I put my feet up and pulled on my lap blanket and tried to shut my eyes but the boys were too wound up and were refusing to go into the backyard to play. After a period of hubby and I trying to snooze we gave up and he took them to the park. He's my hero. During that time I planned dinner and got some of the prep done while I drank a cup of Sencha.Dinner was smothered chicken in a lemon, olive rosemary sauce with carrots, onions and roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes. I still have yet to finish the clean up in the kitchen and once the dishwasher is done the dry cycle I'll go in and tackle the mess. Then I'll retreat upstairs with a cup of tea and finish the last chapter of that book. Once done it's lights out.

I've got a busy week ahead of me. Night all. Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

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