Saturday, April 3, 2010

Boooo Bad News

What a pretty morning. Though I padded down to the kitchen kissing my children on the head along the way, I had no idea a bad bit on news was coming my way. Storm cloud looms in the distance.

At 9:3o I hopped in the car and headed over to the doctors to have my injury looked at. Now it is true that though I recover quicker from runs I'm also feeling the injury more and more intensely during each run. I had a sneaking suspicion that if I kept running that I would never give the injury a chance to fully heal.

Dr Poray was a pleasant enough fellow. He poked an prodded. Lifted and pushed and then pulled out this air ratchet gun. I bit back a stupid joke about having already had my tires rotated. Then he shot me in the back. A minor annoyance. Novel at best. Then he shot me in the leg and holy cow! Ouch! I sure hope no one was in his waiting room cause I'm sure they were becoming alarmed by my shrieks.

Once he was done with the gun he left me alone for what felt easily like 30 mins with some electrical current (ok so I did make the joke a la Green Mile. You know the "roll on one" when they start pulling levers to electrocute a death row prisoner? Yep that one...he didn't seem impressed *snort*). When he came back into the room he then gave me the bad news. Absolutely no running. Not on sidewalks, not on wooded paths, grass, road...etc. The only running I'm allowed to do now is in a swimming pool.

I paid the good doctor. Got another appointment for Tuesday and have been told that he is going to be very aggressive in treating my injury and I can bank on the next visit being very painful. *gulp* Oh no.....I'm scared. But I keep saying to myself if it gets me back to running quicker I'll face the pain. I will not complain. I just want to run again before the gorgeous weather goes bye-bye. *sniff*

So I've hung up my shoes and pulled out the bathing suit that I absolutely hate wearing. I'll be bringing to the boys to the gym twice a week so that I can run the lanes of the pool. I'm going to bed now. I want to have done with this day.

Tomorrow is going to be a great day and I promise not to feel too sorry for myself. I'm excited for the Easter Bunny's visit and the company that he's promised to bring.


  1. }:o(

    Yes, you have a sad!

    Dr P will sort out your groin.....what happened to it?

  2. He didn't exactly's muscle though and he seemed to feel that was a good thing.