Thursday, April 8, 2010

Go Away!

Ok so I'm not a fan of back-to-back rainy days. It's pretty hearing the rain when you can stay in your bed but having to get up and know that I'd be dealing with two bored restless boys didn't exactly motivate me.

Out of bed with the kids herded like cats downstairs I served up breakfast. This is the first day in about a year where I was actually hungry upon waking. I poured a bowl of puffins/kashi/hemp hearts mix for breakfast and gobbled it back before even sipping my coffee. I'm rather proud of myself.

Neither boy wanted to take a walk with me in the rain so I hauled out a stash of toys that would make TRU envious. Then rented the Ice Age movies. Yep all three of them! Don't ask me what they are about. I think I glazed over within the first ten minutes. Holy cow are rainy days boring! I guess I've gotten used to the park escapes.

Lunch was served picnic style along with a huge bowl of air popped popcorn for the kids to munch while they got their movie marathon. I whipped up the leftovers from last night's dinner. Salmon Croquettes, roasted lemon sweet pots/pots and green salad w/garlic yogurt dressing. I cleaned and hulled a pint of strawberries and had to arm wrestle a few away from L. What a monkey!Around 3 o'clock I absolutely had to brew up a pot of coffee. I really contemplated getting us all rounded up and in the car to pick up a coffee from Tims but decided it was a ridiculous notion to buy coffee when I could make it. I managed pretty well. It was palatable. Odd I can make a souffle with my eyes closed but making a pot of coffee is challenging. I can never remember the formula hubby uses.

Once husband was home from work he and the boys took off for Karate leaving me at home in peace for over an hour. During that time I got two loads of wash done, stared into the fridge for five minutes while thumbing through the mental recipe cards in my head trying to figure out the optimum use for all my new produce and pair it with a protein. This is what I came up with.
Kamut linguine with shrimp, kale, zucchini, mushrooms, onions and peppers in a white wine sauce. A total hit. I enjoyed being able to create this dish without having to pause to pour juice or help make a play doh character.

I need more ideas for zucchini. My bin had a few beautiful zucchinis in it and though I'm not a big fan of this Italian squash I am pushing myself to become better acquainted with it. Eating the rainbow...very important! I could hide them in muffins but I'd rather let them be the star rather than be cloaked. Hmmm thumbing through those recipe cards again. I think Ratatouille would be fabulous.

On another note. My calves have been screaming all day. I guess the pool workout was a total success. I'll pack up my gym bag tonight before bed and do that workout again after the physio appointment tomorrow morning.

Well...that's the way it was for this day, April 8th, 2010.

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