Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Same old....

Today is definitely one of those days that are "ho-hum". I think it has to do with the lack luster weather. Grey, wet, windy. Yuck.

Started the day off with a stellar cup of coffee (thanks hubby). Made one of the worst smoothies ever. Spinach, strawberries, blackberries, almond milk and Vega infusion. Holy cow was it bad. I suspect it's the infusion stuff. Normally you can't taste the spinach in the smoothies but this tasted more like "greens". So I dropped in some Almond butter and a shot of honey and more water to thin it. Down the hatch it went. I'll research a better smoothie recipe for the infusion stuff. Until then I'll just use my usual protein stuff.

Then after some laptop procrastination I set the PVR to catch my favourite P.T. chickie on TV. Rounded up the kidlets and my now loose fitting tankini and headed out to the gym. Ran the length of the pool for 30 minutes. It was awkward and tough. I bet I looked silly. Oh well, what had to be done, had to be done. Next time I'll pack water socks. My feet are sore from rubbing against the pool floor so much.Got a Tims on the way home and after the boys were set up with lunch I warmed up the last slice of the mushroom quiche. I had made this quiche on Monday night. It was a meal in a pinch given that I had forgotten to take something out of the freezer and didn't feel like resorting to pasta. I have been finishing it off as lunch yesterday and today. I paired it with a plum, orange, carrots and celery (which begged for homemade hummus). Talk about awesome! (this is a picture of it yesterday)Dinner was Salmon Croquettes on a bed of greens with lemon roasted sweet potatoes/Yukon potatoes. It was an exercise to see how many different veggies I can get into a salad.No plans for the night except laundry and work assignments. I'm going to try and squeeze in a gentle yoga workout tonight. My leg is nagging me now but the gentle stretching would go a long way to regaining some of the lost flexibility in the area.

Oh did I mention that the Good Doctor has given me a time-line. Six weeks until he feels I can rejoin the pack. I'm excited. A light at the end of the tunnel. He did caution me that I can expect a lot more pain and he requires me to do a lot of hard work in the pool to get me there. I'm up for the challenge. It will be too late for me to run the WIN but that is of little consequence now. I'll just ask Ian to hold over my registration for a different race this summer.

Ok got to get to the laundry *wince*

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  1. Just placating the monkey on my back! *wink* Very determined to make a come back!