Monday, May 3, 2010

Clouds Part

Well not so much. April apparently was the second driest April in a century of recorded temps and precipitation. Great running weather and I missed it.

It's been a very odd month for me with the injury and the stomach issues. Now my 40th isn't until next month but it seems my warranty has expired early. Anything that can go

I haven't been blogging because I haven't wanted to take pictures of the food that I've been getting bye on. Nothing inspiring. Nothing fun. Nothing that I've been craving which is everything I can't have. Now I totally understand why diabetics cheat on their diets. Especially when all the fun stuff is so bad and made badly to boot.

I'm off to the gym again this morning. I've been seeing great strides in my stride. It started with a trial run a few weeks back where literally I only made it to the end of my neighbours driveway. Then two weeks ago I was able to accomplish a 5 minute trot while doing the treadmills with a friend. Last week I managed 12 minutes then 20 minutes. Each attempt stretches out longer and longer with fewer feelings of discomfort. I honestly understand the true scope of how an injury hurts a runner. It's not just about the physical. The mental is worse.

Yesterday on my way to a birthday party there were runners everywhere. All suited up with fuel belts loaded with gels and power drinks. You could tell they were doing their long runs. All in preparation for the marathon. I thought it would kill me seeing all of them. I wanted to run with them. I was thinking of going down to the race and cheering on my club mates but I'm not sure that I'd be able to keep from being emotional. I'm envious as all stink but it wouldn't be envy that would surface. More disappointment. I think instead I'll send my love in an email to my friends and then treat myself to a nice diversion that day.

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