Friday, May 7, 2010

Going to The Big Carrot

Well I feel like something that got scraped off the bottom of a shoe. gahhhhhh

I was supposed to go and meet up with my gym buddy and do some interval training with her today. I was all excited about getting back into my running groove as my hip feels loose this week. Then the other day I started to feel lousy. Sore throat. Sinuses a real mess. Yesterday, mildly feverish and achy. Stuffed up with a runny nose (yes odd combo, eh?). Claritin and Benadryl had no effect. So that must mean that I've got a stupid spring cold. No doubt the same thing L. has been suffering from this last week.

I still feel crappy but I don't care. I'm making the trek into the city to shop. My fridge is bare and I'm craving some fresh veg. I'm also bringing my cooler packed with ice packs. I'm going to bring home some meat and dairy, as well. Well, I'll do that if the price is right or if it's something I can't get here. Like organic lamb. Could you imagine?

I will update later this afternoon with pictures of the bounty. Tonight is a work night. I've got lots to churn out so that means I've got to have every thing else done early. Hoping that hot tea will help make the night go by a little easier.

Ok, now I've got to go and put in a load of laundry, shower a layer of yuck off me and get the fridge cleaned out. Looking forward to a change of scene and society today.


  1. looking forward to hearing about it!

  2. Yeah I think I need to get a life when I'm this excited about produce. I used to get this worked up about running gear *sniff sniff sob*