Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Rare Treat

This was one busy weekend! Saturday morning started with me getting my hair done and then going with the guys to Home Depot to get untreated wood for my pyramid garden boxes.

Then after hubby got the bottom portion of the box built and his tools stowed away he and the boys went off to a sleep over leaving me home all alone. How nice was that?

After they headed out the door I found myself at a loss for something to do. Was contemplating ordering in some late dinner but decided that would be wasteful I just pulled some ingredients out of the fridge and created a caramelized onion-mushroom tart while I watched Sex and The City. Such a treat! After the movie was over I put in another one. When that was done I settled into bed to read a few chapters of a book. A sleepy yawn or two and out went the light.

Waking up at 9 am this morning to a nice quiet house. Only the songs for the robins outside. It was wonderful to see the sun shining. A very nice treat! I got a cup of coffee and a magazine and headed out to the deck to sit and enjoy the last little bit of peace.

The boys were home about an hour after I got up. Their own brand of chaos spilling into the front hall. Sleeping bags, pillows, shoes, coats and stories of their sleepover. The rest of the day was spent chasing them about. Entertaining them, feeding them and keeping them out of trouble.

We poured them into bed before 7 pm and the house has been silent every since. My pyramid garden box is complete and awaiting the soil. We will be making a trip to Arnts either tomorrow or Tuesday and hopefully they'll bring the soil on a dry day so I've got a chance to get it around to the back yard and installed in the box before the rain washes it down the driveway. Once the boxes are filled then I'll be hitting a few garden places in search of vegetable plants and some prime strawberry plants. I'll also put in my herb garden at the same time.

Tomorrow is promising not to be a fun day. Hopefully I'll have an answer to why my stomach has been so upset.

An update on outdoor kitty: Apparently not just outdoor kitty (feral) but also mommy kitty. She's had a litter about 12 weeks ago. Now she's got three adorable fluffy kittens. I could have sworn she had more but perhaps 3 is all that is left of her litter. They have been sited tumbling about on my neighbours back lawn. They are super cute but sad that unless someone adopts them now they will be just as wild as their parents. I understand my neighbour is selling their house so that means that they will be getting an eviction notice.

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