Monday, May 31, 2010

Burning Up The Dreadmill

Yay! for me. It was another stupid hot day and I haven't had a chance to get used to running in it so I packed up the gang and headed to the gym after picking hubby up from the Go.

29 mins and 5K. Going like my butt was on fire and felt awesome (ok really hot and irritated but great) and I was going to keep going to make it a nice 7K since I was barely denting into my energy stores when my G-D Ipod shut down. Well it seems that I have not charged it since my injury. Can you imagine?

Well that dreadmill got even worse without my musical motivation. One minute after it crapped out on me I slowed to a trot. Then I slowed to a fast walk then said "Eff it" and went to join the guys and dangle my feet in the pool to cool off. Not to shabby I must say. Not even a twinge now several hours later! Wahhhooooooo!


  1. thats so awesome! well done - dreadmill running is tough on the mental stamina - but looks like the physical stamina is up and running again...literally!

  2. You would have been so proud of me. I was fast and fierce! Stupid Ipod gahhhh

    What's a girl got to do to get a really good run, these days?